The Majicast is an instrument that will revolutionize the way that orthopaedic specialists produce prosthetic sockets. Innovative Dutch engineering has produced a product that accurately reflects the contours of a patient’s unique shape and volume of their residual limbs. The result is a tailor made fit that increases comfort and reduces the necessity for further modification in the future.

How does iT work?

The Majicast captures the unique shape of lower residual limbs with the use of plaster bandages or other direct casting material. Once the casting material is applied, the clinician instructs the patient to insert the limb in the Majicast, and then to transfer his/her full body weight to the inserted limb while remaining in a standing position.

Under the patient’s full body weight, the residual limb is loaded with uniform water pressure while the casting material cures. This creates an advantageous hydrostatic loading condition, such that the stiffest path principle is achieved and deep shear stresses are minimized. Hence the resulting lower limb cast captures the actual anatomy of a patient’s residual limb. This is how the perfect fit is achieved: by producing accurate lower limb impressions for the efficient production of comfortable prosthetic sockets.

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