2014 | HEAR

This dream became our new endeavour to make it a reality. ProPortion started exploring the needs and desires of people with a disability in Colombia from a Human Centered Design perspective, starting with the 'hear' phase. Aim of this phase is to empathise and understand the current reality through observing and interviewing key stakeholders; potential customer segments, potential partners, government bodies, peers, etc. By further exploring their stakes, desires and needs, we got a better sense of the context and the problem behind the problem. During four months, ProPortion studied the orthopedic market and health system in Colombia with help of many Colombian stakeholders and six amazing TU Delft engineers. We organized creative sessions at universities, visited and interviewed specialists at orthopedic clinics, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, several NGOs, health care companies, etc.

Also we spoke to several amputees; about the quality of their prostheses, the barriers they faced to obtain them. We got to know about cases when amputees had to wait up to 2 years before they got a prosthesis. Some even didn't get theirs at all. This helped us to better to identify opportunities for improvement.